Who is Captain Mike?

Captain Mike is also known as Michael Clegg, a presenter with a penchant for the Golden Age of Piracy.  Fully dressed as a captain of this colorful age, Mike seeks to entertain and educate others with true tales and amusing anecdotes.

Captain Mike is this guy!

Trained in the art of storytelling, passionate about historical events, and intrigued by the complex connections of the time period, Mike seeks to share his knowledge and interest with others.  Captain Mike educates and entertains, bringing forth fact much stranger than fictions.  To this end, Mike promises only to tell stories that are true.

In appearance, Captain Mike takes the ostentatious path (as he often does), but leans heavily on the realistic.  Depending on the matter at hand, a variety of styles may be adopted.  The weapons are wood and metal, but are all replica and safe.  His typical armament consists of a flintlock pistol (no flint, solid barrel), a broadsword (‘stage steel’ with no edge), a parrying dagger (decorative steel with a dull half-edge).  He also has a fusil (actually a lighter), a cutlass (decorative steel with no edge), and a second parrying dagger (‘stage steel’ with no edge), but these aren’t standard.  If you would like these weapons to be included, you have only to ask.

Weapons in schools and libraries:  Captain Mike believes that a pirate’s armament is as much a part of his kit as pants and rope, and thus suggests the allowance of sword and pistol.  However, he understands the misgivings people might have regarding weapons of any kinds and firearms in particular.  If you do not wish Captain Mike to be armed, or to be armed only with sword and dagger, please make this clear to him.  Captain Mike is happy to have a security escort, and salutes the efforts of these hard-working and often unsung personnel.

Captain Mike does more than simple history.  Whatever subject you teach, Captain Mike can connect it to the Golden Age of Piracy.  The science of the age, the math of the money, the language of the colonies, whatever you wish.  Mike can even construct presentations around particular lessons.

So run up a black flag and send a runner for Captain Mike for a lesson they’ll not soon forget!  Arrr!


  1. Hey Mike I’m the guy who used to own captainmike.net. I’m still Captain Mike..the musician, which is why I had this address. I dropped it one day when that fantastic new site called MYSPACE came along and dazzled me with brilliance and free promo. Just thought I’d surf in and check on the old digs to see if all is well…and of course, they ARRRR!

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